The Local Omnivore Inc.

The Local Omnivore was founded Fall 2012 by Mark Bellows and Ryan Brodziak. The pair met managing at Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria and after a couple years of serious pizza slinging, they decided to part ways and work on developing a brand that focused on their shared philosophies. After numerous failed attempts in Mark’s back yard, the boys successfully created the Super Smoked Bacon their customers know and love. They began the Local Omnivore Food truck the summer of 2013, delivering their house-cured and smoked products to Edmonton’s streets.


The Local Omnivore Deli

In 2015, Mark and Ryan began constructing what would become the eccentric home of Edmonton’s best cold smoked meats. The expanded team, now featuring wizard Kelsey Trites, has focused on perfecting ancient techniques using quality ingredients. The use of ‘Local’ in our name comments on our devotion to community within our restaurant and in our neighbourhood, as well as our constant effort to use sustainable, local ingredients. The deli is now one of Edmonton's favourite spots for brunch, lunch and dinner.


Mark Bellows


Ryan Brodziak

Mark Bellows has over 25 years in the service industry working all aspects of restaurants. He began his culinary journey in humble beginnings with Little Caesars Pizza at the age of 14. The journey has seen him line cook in steak houses, pizza franchises, small bakery style sandwich shops, including Urban Fare Grocers. A 6 year university stint saw Mark delve deeply into his other passion, fine arts abstract steel sculpture, Mark says “it was during this time that a creative process of not being precious with your ideas became imbedded in me”. Armed with this, Mark returned to the culinary world completing his Culinary Diploma at NAIT ready to combine culinary passion with abstract disciplines.

Ryan Brodziak has spent the last 8 years expanding his knowledge in the culinary world, working on learning all aspects of a how to run a successful restaurant. Spending his time learning numerous positions in numerous restaurants, he joined forces with a like minded individual, Mark Bellows, to start a food brand of The Local Omnivore to continue to explore the culinary world.

The Team